We all know that the maritime industry is many years behind with regards to onboard internet connectivity compared to even home broadband.

The sad truth is, internet via satellite will never be as reliable as home broadband. This is due to the necessity for a clear path between the satellite and the ship, which can be obscured by just a sudden change in course. Steps are already being taken to increase speed and reliability by adding more satellites, increasing bandwidth for each transmission and gaining access to shore-based towers when closer to port.

Price is also a sticking point for many companies, and needs to be addressed. Smaller companies are simply unable to justify the expense incurred by the internet at sea providers and so crew are being restricted to only using online services once ashore, which becomes a problem when deadlines for mandatory online courses are fast approaching.

In the 21st Century, we need the internet (whether we like it or not) so in fact this is more than just a mild annoyance, it is in fact affecting productivity and a solution must be found quickly.