Seafarers Mental Health And Wellbeing

Welcome to your Annual Mental Health And Wellbeing Competency Assurance Training, or ACAT as it is better known.

This course was designed to ensure crew are aware of the risks involved with poor mental health and wellbeing.

The  Mental Health And Wellbeing Course is designed to educate on how to become more aware and understand how to improve Mental Health And Wellbeing throughout day to day life as a seafarer.

The course takes about 2 hours learning, Plus 30mins of exercises which will help in the understanding of Mental Health

The course modules are:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Recognising Stress and Anxiety
  3. Real Time Pressure
  4. Self Help
  5. Making Life At Sea Enjoyable
  6. Physical Wellbeing

Ship Management of this process is simple, as each Crew/Guest/Contractors/Visitors completes the course it will show next to their name.

The cost of the Seafarer Mental Health And Wellbeing ACAT is £500 (+ VAT if applicable) per hull, per year. The number of officers that can complete the course is unlimited.

To buy for your hull(s), Please see Buying Options

Please note: All topics MUST be completed in order. If you attempt a different topic, you will see a blank page. Once completed you can go back at any time and view all previous topics.