Proficiency For Ship Security Officer Course 2019

Welcome to your Annual Proficiency For Ship Security Officer

 Competency Assurance Training, or SSO ACAT as it is better known.

This training course is intended to meet the requirements set out in Regulation VI/5 and Section A-VI/5 of the STCW Code and relevant UK legislation and is based on the MCA / MNTB ship security officer specifications.

The Proficiency For Ship Security Officer course modules are:

  1. Maritime Security Policy
  2. Security Responsibilities
  3. Ship Security Assessment
  4. Security Equipment
  5. Ship Security Plan
  6. Threat Identification, Recognition and Response
  7. Ship Security Actions
  8. Emergency Preparedness, Drills and Exercises
  9. Security Administration

Upon successful completion of the training candidates will receive an emaritme approved certificate of Proficiency for Ship Security Officers.


Those undertaking this STCW 2010 training course must have either:

  • Approved seagoing service of 12 months or more

On completion of the training, trainees are will have the underpinning knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a Ship Security Officer.

Ship Management of this process is simple, as each Crew/Guest/Contractors/Visitors completes the course it will show next to their name.

The cost of each Type of Cyber ACAT is £500 (+ VAT if applicable) per hull, per year. The number of officers that can complete the course is unlimited.

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Please note: All topics MUST be completed in order. If you attempt a different topic, you will see a blank page. Once completed you can go back at any time and view all previous topics.