Cyber Operators (Op) Course

Welcome to your Annual Cyber Competency Assurance Training, or Cyber ACAT as it is better known.

This course was designed to ensure Operators are competent in the Cyber

The  Cyber Operators (Op) Course is designed to educate on what is happening in one of the largest industries in the World, namely Cyber crime.

The course takes between 2 hours learning, Plus 1 hour internal discussion and identification of threats.

The Operators (Op) course modules are:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Accidental `Self-Hack`
  3. Different Risks and terminology
  4. Harmful software and procedures to counter
  5. Malware and prevention techniques
  6. Communication equipment and security
  7. Specific Compartment equipment
  8. Secure USB ports on all ships systems
  9. Good cyber hygiene and training

Ship Management of this process is simple, as each Crew/Guest/Contractors/Visitors completes the course it will show next to their name.

The cost of each Type of Cyber ACAT is £500 (+ VAT if applicable) per hull, per year. The number of officers that can complete the course is unlimited.

To buy for your hull(s), Please see Buying Options

Please note: All topics MUST be completed in order. If you attempt a different topic, you will see a blank page. Once completed you can go back at any time and view all previous topics.