HELM (O) Annual Competency Assurance Training 2019

Welcome to your Annual HELM (O) Competency Assurance Training, or ACAT as it is better known.

This course was designed to ensure Officers are competent in the key operations of their ECDIS.

The course is for deck and engine officers, …requirements related to leadership, teamwork and managerial skills have been added. Assertiveness training for all seafarers has also been included, given its importance not only for those who have to direct operations but also for those in lower grades who may have to communicate on safety matters with senior officers, the master and/or shore personnel.

The course takes between 30 and 60 minutes on average.

The course modules are:

  1. Human Element
  2. Best / Good Practice
  3. Task / Workload Management Theory
  4. Decision Making
  5. Leadership
  6. Assertiveness / Culture
  7. Situational Awareness
  8. Stress and Fatigue

Regardless of where or when previous HELM training has taken place, this course is designed to consolidate their knowledge.

Ship Management of this process is simple, as each officer completes the course the company will see a green light next to their name.  Once all officers have completed the course the vessel will turn `Green`.

The cost of each ACAT course is £500 (+ VAT if applicable) per hull, per year. The number of officers that can complete the course is unlimited.

Please note: All topics MUST be completed in order. If you attempt a different topic, you will see a blank page. Once completed you can go back at any time and view all previous topics.