Frequently Asked Questions

Ship and Crew Management

1 - Do the certificates have an expiry date?

No, however a customer can request an expiry date if required.

2 - Does the database record the details of officers who have completed the training?

Yes, the Ship Manager has full access to the database. Our videos on YouTube should help explain this more.

3 - Can we have a trial?

Trials of the courses can be arranged with one of our sales team.

4 - Can I buy multiple courses, I have a large Fleet with 3 different systems spread throughout?

Yes, many shipping companies who have multiple ECDIS systems through their fleet do exactly that. It means that prior to an Officer changing vessel (and to a different ECDIS), they can re-familiarize themselves and achieve certification.

5 - Is it easy to add extra crew members to the database?


Content & Requirement

1 - How much time does it take to complete the training?

Depending on the experience of the Seafarer it can range between a few hours and a whole day.

2 - Can you pause the course and resume it later?


3 - Is it internet, server or classroom based?

Internet based, it can be conducted at sea or ashore.

4 - Does the training include the latest software upgrades by the manufacturers?

Yes, so far as is practical.

5 - Can the training be conducted on board?

Yes, if the vessel has an internet connection.

6 - Is the certificate issued on completion of the course?

Yes, when the course is complete, the user and group manager are emailed the certificate.

7 - Can you tell me more about the modules?

They are CBT by definition – i.e. Computer Based Training. The aim of this course is to ensure that Officers are competent in their ECDIS Make and Model.

Clarification on Regulations

1 - Is the ECDIS Type Specific Course all the training required for STCW?

Assuming your Flag has adopted the IMO 1.27 Model course, Officers should have already completed an STCW 5 Day Generic Course prior to this.

2 - Is it an ISM requirement to refresh ECDIS certifications or best practice?

  • Under the ISM Code, the shipping company has the responsibility to ensure that, ‘all personnel involved in the Company’s SMS have an adequate understanding of relevant rules, regulations, code and guidelines’ (Section 6.4), and to ‘establish and maintain procedures for identifying any training which may be required in support of the SMS and ensure that such training is provided for personnel concerned’.
  • This means that if a ship is equipped with ECDIS, the company has the duty to ensure that users of such a system are properly trained before using the ECDIS operationally at sea. The STCW Convention puts the onus firmly on the company to ensure that mariners on their ships are competent to carry out the duties they are expected to perform. This means that the seafarer must be trained to use the particular ECDIS on the vessel.
  • It is reasonable to assume that ECDIS Manufacturers update their software. Therefore, you could argue that yes, it is an ISM requirement to maintain current knowledge of this evolving equipment, and yes it must be considered best practice.