Practical and Assessed COLREGs Course

(Verification of Compliance for Audit Purposes)

Welcome to your Practical and Assessed COLREGs Course.

The course is designed to refresh you with all aspects of The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

It incorporates the latest amendments, guidance and definitions:

  • 2016 International Regulations introducing the new Part F Rules (39, 40 and 41)
  • 2021 IMO MSC 1638, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships
  • 2023 Workboat Code Edition 3 Annex 2, Remote Operated Vehicles (Autonomous)
  • 2024 MGN 369 Navigation Practices relevant to Restricted Visibility

You must complete all of the modules and pass the tests to receive your final certificate.

The Course models are:

  • Introduction
  • Part A General
  • Part B Conduct of Vessels in any Condition of Visibility
  • Part B Conduct of Vessels in Sight of One Another
  • Part B Conduct of Vessels in Restricted Visibility
  • Part C Lights and Shapes
  • Part D Sound and Lights Signals
  • Parts E, F and Annexes
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Scenarios
  • Final Test

Regardless of where of when previous training has taken place, this course is designed to consolidate knowledge

Please note. All topics MUST be completed in order. If you attempt a different topic, you will see a blank page. Once completed you can go back at any time and view all previous topics.